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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate transactions are complex and time consuming. When a real estate dispute arises that requires negotiation, mediation, or litigation, Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys offer experienced and skilled real estate litigation and dispute resolution services to a variety of professionals in the industry: brokers, agents, developers, investors, builders, appraisers, lenders, buyers and sellers. We blend preventative advice and counseling with skilled advocacy.

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Our attorneys offer real-world experience handling and solving real estate disputes. We are well versed in the latest trends and industry news, which we incorporate into our daily client work. We also frequently conduct seminars for real estate clients and professionals in an effort to educate them on ways to avoid disputes, potential claims, and other issues.

When disputes arise, we work aggressively to deliver the most beneficial solution to meet your business needs. This may be through litigation, arbitration, mediation or no-nonsense negotiation. We are conscious of the fact that litigation is costly and does not always offer the best means to resolve a dispute; particularly in a fast-moving industry like real estate, where delay means lost financing, a failed sale or other consequence where damages will not make your business whole.

Our significant real estate litigation experience covers a wide spectrum of legal issues, including:

  • Bank loans
  • Foreclosure and related litigation
  • Fraudulent conveyance claims
  • Title insurance claims
  • Professional malpractice complaints against real estate professionals
  • Counseling of real estate professionals
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes (commercial only)
  • Construction related disputes
  • Mortgage fraud claims
  • Mortgage fraud counseling
  • Land use disputes on behalf of developers and homeowners associations
  • Adverse possession and prescriptive easements, boundary line and easement disputes and nuisance and trespass claims.
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”) claims
  • Fair Housing Act claims
  • Truth in Lending Act claims
  • Fair Business Practice Act claims
  • Civil RICO claims

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When you entrust us with your business matter, you can rest assured our team will treat your company like it is our own. The attorneys handling your case will always keep you up to date, consistently communicating with you and collaborating on creative solutions. Our team is nimble, accessible, and ready to act. And while our rates are competitive, our clients receive white glove service from a senior level attorney — every time.

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Success Stories

  • Homeowner prevails in dispute with contractor

    A residential contractor sued our client, a homeowner who had hired the contractor to perform renovations on her home. In the initial stages of the lawsuit, the contractor asked the Court to issue a temporary restraining order requiring the homeowner to deposit certain disputed funds with the Court. After a contested hearing, Berman Fink Van Horn was successful in convincing the Court to deny the contractor’s motion, which allowed the client to retain control of the disputed funds.

    Attorneys involved in this case: Charles H. Van Horn, Katherine M. Silverman
  • Property foreclosure: Court finds no claims against real estate brokerage firm

    A large real estate brokerage firm turned to Berman Fink Van Horn to defend it from a property foreclosure lawsuit. The former owners challenged the way their property was removed from the property after foreclosure. In doing so, they sued their bank, our real estate broker client and others.  Berman Fink Van Horn argued the case with a very novel interpretation of Georgia dispossessory law. To our client’s benefit, the Court dismissed all claims against them.

    Attorneys involved in this case: Charles H. Van Horn
  • Loan documents prove key in defending financial institution from wrongful foreclosure

    We successfully defended a financial institution against claims for wrongful foreclosure.  At center stage was Berman Fink Van Horn’s demonstration that our client did not deviate from its loan documents. As such, the Court determined the foreclosure was proper and refused to set aside the foreclosure.

    Attorneys involved in this case: Charles H. Van Horn

Learn how we can help you with real estate litigation.


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