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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

As your business approaches critical junctures, Berman Fink Van Horn will provide experienced advice to navigate a path forward. Whether you are selling your business, acquiring or merging with another business or looking to raise capital, we will provide you with a strategy that is both practical and creative to help you get the result you desire.

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Closing the deal while protecting your interests

At Berman Fink Van Horn, we take the time to understand your business inside and out so we can identify issues, advise on risks and legal issues, and provide practical business solutions. We work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way to guide them through the entire life of a transaction, understanding that our clients ultimately make the business decisions. You can count on us for thorough and dependable advice on all aspects of your transaction.

Why choose us?

When you entrust us with your business matter, our team will treat your company like it is our own. The attorneys handling your matter will always keep you up to date, consistently communicating with you and collaborating on creative solutions. Our team is nimble, accessible, and ready to act. And while our rates are competitive, our clients receive white glove service from a senior level attorney — every time.

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Success Stories

  • Digital Marketing President/CEO: “..made it all possible by establishing strength and professionalism every step of the way!”

    Client Testimonial (email #1 sent to all parties involved in the M&A):
    ….And finally, Tom Sowers!!!  You were masterful on this deal!  We ALL enjoyed working with you through the Ins and Outs of the legal terms of this deal, you made it all possible by establishing strength and professionalism every step of the way!  Thank you!

    (email #2 sent to BFV Team):
    … Tom was truly incredible on this [M&A deal]!  And although this was my first acquisition, the deal team we had with [names removed] folks has a deal list into the thousands of M&A deals in their careers combined and EVERYONE on the team has expressed how impressed they were working with him!

    President/CEO, a digital marketing firm

    Attorneys involved in this case: Thomas E. Sowers
  • Chairman, entrepreneurial startup investments co.:”…simply outstanding in their support…”

    Client Testimonial:
    I want to thank you for referring me to BFV Law. Jeff and Ken were simply outstanding in their support and professionalism. In fact, Jeff and Ken were as responsive as any law firm I have ever worked with (and I have worked with a few). They helped us to close a transaction during the middle of COVID-19 and mitigated our liabilities while getting the deal done in a very short time frame.

    Jeff/Ken, I can’t thank you enough for your professional support.

    Muchas Gracias, Amigos.

    Chairman, a private entrepreneurial startup investments company; former Vice Chairman, a multinational telecommunications provider

    Attorneys involved in this case: Jeffrey N. Berman, Kenneth N. Winkler
  • BFV facilitates internet service client’s $9 million asset sale

    Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys Jeffrey N. Berman and Ruari J. O’Sullivan successfully represented a co-location hosting and IaaS provider in the sale of substantially all of its assets to a nationally-recognized industry player. The ultimate $9 million sales price represented a sizeable bump from earlier discussions, as Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys were able to use their client’s steady growth and upcoming contracts as leverage to negotiate away from contingent payment structures to cash at closing.

    Attorneys involved in this case: Jeffrey N. Berman, Ruari J. O’Sullivan
  • $14 million asset sale of client’s medical lien receivables

    Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys in the Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Finance Group successfully represented a national medical lien receivables business in the $14 million sale of its assets to a large liquidity solutions provider. Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys worked diligently on the complex transaction, which involved multiple simultaneous closings, partial equity consideration and varied stakeholders, for over four months from the transaction’s conception to its closing. 

    Attorneys involved in this case: Jeffrey N. Berman
  • Client’s $31 million project to acquire and develop student housing community

    Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys represented the developer in the acquisition and development of the Arcadia on the River student housing community to be constructed in Milledgeville, Georgia, just outside Georgia College and State University. The $31 million project consisted of approximately $9 million in equity and an approximately $22 million construction loan. The complex transaction included the restructuring and refinancing of an unrelated property and negotiations with multiple investors and lenders, spanning more than two years.

    Attorneys involved in this case: Jeffrey N. Berman

Learn how we can help your business with mergers & acquisitions.

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