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BFV Perspectives, Noncompete & Trade Secrets, | May 04, 2017

Update on “Georgia” Non-Compete Law

This blog has historically discussed any and all things related to Georgia non-compete law. 

For this latest update on Georgia law, we take a slight detour.  Not to the Southern District of Georgia or to a county in Northwest Georgia, but all the way across the ocean to the country of Georgia, the former member of the U.S.S.R.   

For some insight into non-compete law in Georgia (the country), I direct you to this article.  The article describes a case where the Court enjoined a former bank manager from working for a competitive organization for six months.  The case appears to have been a seminal decision on non-compete law there. 

Interestingly, the country of Georgia appears to be more stringent on non-competes than the state of Georgia.  According to the article, the country of Georgia only allows non-competes with a duration of six months whereas under the Restrictive Covenant Act in the State of Georgia, non-competes in employee agreements that run for less than two years are presumed reasonable.

We will head back across the ocean to the good ol’ state of Georgia for our next post.  Stay tuned…

P.S.  Credit to my Google alert on “Georgia non-compete law” for turning up this article and illuminating us briefly on non-compete law in the Country of Georgia…

BFV Perspectives, Noncompete & Trade Secrets, | May 04, 2017
Neal F. Weinrich
Neal F. Weinrich

Neal Weinrich knows noncompetes and trade secrets inside and out. A shareholder at Berman Fink Van Horn, Neal counsels clients in all industries on matters involving restrictive covenants, trade secrets and other competition-related issues.