Tiger’s Struggles at the Masters Offer HR Lesson

Posted by Kenneth N. Winkler on

As Bubba Watson proudly slipped into the Green Jacket, Tiger Woods posted a final score of 5 over par, his worst week as a pro at the Masters. Tiger’s struggles to win another major and regain his mass popularity, serve as an important reminder of the value of one’s reputation.  From an HR perspective, it also serves as an example to your employees of the importance of acting professionally.

Tiger’s dominance seemed to vanish overnight due to well publicized indiscretions.   He lost millions of dollars in sponsorships and his character continues to be under attack.  Tiger’s fall from grace and his absence from the leaderboard serve as an important reminder of how quickly one’s reputation can be tarnished.  This is an important message that should be shared with your employees, especially during EEO training.

It is challenging to get employees to fully buy into harassment training and give it the attention it deserves.  One way to get employees to pay attention to training and give appropriate thought to your message is to clearly explain the connection between their compliance with company policies and their job security.   Employees should understand that their professional growth, long-term success and immediate job security depend in large part on how they behave and conduct themselves.  If they develop a poor reputation due to engaging in misconduct, they may have difficulty finding gainful employment.   No matter what position people hold or what industry they are a part of, their reputation is a key to their security.

Employees should appreciate the reality that if someone of the stature of Tiger Woods can seemingly lose it all due to conduct, they certainly can too.