BFV Videos, | Feb 09, 2023

The FTC’s Proposed Noncompete Ban: What you Need to do Now

Learn what you need to know to protect the competitive edge of your company in light of the Federal Trade Commission’s recent proposed rule to broadly band the use of noncompete agreements between employers and their workers. This video also highlights how the FTC is cracking down on companies that abuse noncompetes, including taking enforcement actions against companies requiring low-wage workers to sign them.

In this video, Benjamin Fink and Neal Weinrich provide practical tips for employers to protect their business’s confidential information and trade secrets and mitigate the potential impact of the proposed ban. Ben and Neal also highlight the implications of the FTC’s proposed rule, the likelihood it will be implemented, what challenges the rule may face, as well as the status of state-level efforts around the country to regulate the use of noncompetes.

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BFV Videos, | Feb 09, 2023