Client Testimonial:

Hi Neal,

[We received] the news early this afternoon. I am absolutely thrilled at the result. Both of you (and your team) are THE BOMB! I promised Ben I would send a great note of commendation to [our] management team, and I am copying them on this note back to you. I have been absolutely impressed with every facet of this process, from my first meeting with you, the structure and process of defense, the detail and preparation your team provided for all of us, and finally the results that you delivered. The work both of you did was some of the finest legal work I have ever seen. I will be recommending the two of you for years to come!

While I am happy to have my week back (and I badly needed it for work purposes), I would have been more than happy to be at every day of the trial if needed to assist my colleagues and your team.

Great job guys. I hope I have the privilege of working with you in the future in some capacity.

All the best!

Vice President

An employee benefits company