Alcohol Licensing

Georgia is one of the most complex states for alcohol licensing and regulatory compliance. Berman Fink Van Horn attorneys have the knowledge, experience and established relationships with state and local government regulators and legislators of the alcoholic beverage industry across Georgia. We work closely with the Georgia Department of Revenue, the State Attorney General’s office,state, county and city elected officials and enforcement agents to advance the interests of our clients.

Examples of Berman Fink Van Horn Alcohol Licensing services includes:

  • Assist clients in determining whether a location complies with zoning and alcoholic beverage licensing requirements
  • Represent clients before neighborhood associations, administrative boards and legislative bodies
  • Handle disciplinary actions and lawsuits against alcoholic beverage licensees
  • Draft laws and regulations governing the alcoholic beverage industry
  • Training employees to ensure compliance with regulations; and
  • Work with City and State alcoholic beverage licensing enforcement officers.

Berman Fink Van Horn's hospitality clients own and operate wine shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores. Our attorneys also represent wine importers, alcoholic beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. In addition, we regularly advise commercial real estate owners, developers and property managers, other lawyers and state and local government officials regarding issues that arise in the licensing and regulation of alcoholic beverages, including drafting lease agreements, forming business entities, and handling zoning and land use issues that can arise in regard to the operation of an alcoholic beverage related business.

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