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Every medical practice or company, regardless of size, has sensitive information and valuable customer and employee relationships. In today’s business environment, with physicians and staff moving from practice-to-practice, greater worker mobility and a full suite of digital tools and personal devices in the workplace, it is easier than ever for departing employees to take trade secrets and confidential information with them.

There are simple measures that organizations and practice managers can take to protect their business assets and stop this threat to their business. In a presentation to North Fulton Medical Group Management Association, Neal Weinrich shared proactive and practical steps practice managers can take to prevent departing employees from competing unfairly or using confidential information or trade secrets. He provided medical practice managers with a better understanding of the value of noncompete agreements, protective steps to take when onboarding new employees hired from competitors, and other tools to protect trade secrets, confidential information and ultimately,  their competitive edge.

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View the Presentation, “Keep your Competitive Edge & Protect your Practice from Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Theft