BFV Breakfast Briefing: “Protecting your Business in the Wake of #MeToo”

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With sexual harassment allegations against dozens of well-known figures drawing national attention to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, Berman Fink Van Horn welcomed a full house to its Breakfast Briefing, “Protecting your Business in the Wake of #MeToo.” Shareholder Ken Winkler led an interactive discussion that focused on proactive steps that employers of all sizes can take to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Ken provided practical advice and preventative measures to protect your people, operations and business, while creating a healthy work environment. 

Employee training is a core component that employers should implement to help ensure a positive work environment and combat harassment in the workplace. The EEOC’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace recommends that employers should dedicate sufficient resources to train middle-management and first-line supervisors on how to respond effectively to harassment that they observe, that is reported to them, or of which they have knowledge or information – even before such harassment reaches a legally-actionable level.

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