BFV in the News, | May 11, 2022

Ben Fink’s Remarks at Emory Law Commencement Ceremony

As a proud graduate of the Emory Law Class of 1992 and president of the Alumni Board of Emory Law School, Benjamin Fink was privileged to formally welcome the Emory Law Class of 2022 to the ranks of alumni.


Transcript: “Welcome from Alumni Board”

Distinguished Graduates: As a proud graduate of the Emory Law Class of 1992, I join with my fellow alumni Ian Levin and Lee Miller in the privilege of welcoming you formally to the ranks of alumni of this great university and law school.  While your time as students may have ended, you each will bear the title of alumnus or alumna for the rest of your lives.

Today you join a dynamic group of more than 153,000 Emory University alumni, including more than 13,000 Emory Law alumni.  Would everyone in the audience who is an alumnus or alumna of Emory University and Emory Law,except for today’s graduates, please stand and be recognized?

Thank you, please be seated. [short pause] And would the Class of 2022 now stand to be recognized as Emory’s newest alumni?

Class of 2022: Tomorrow, your degrees will officially be conferred by the University. We hope that you, like your fellow alumni, will maintain strong ties to Emory, will help build its future, and will always feel at home here. Ian and I are exceptionally proud that our sons have chosen to carry on the Emory Law traditions in our families – we hope you will impart this same love of Emory Law to the next generation.

As fellow graduates, we know that the law school has imparted values as well as knowledge, and we look forward to witnessing the leadership you provide as you embark on your careers. Wherever you go, you will always be a part of the Emory Law community. Whatever career path you choose, heed the words of Sally Yates and Professor Smith and make us proud by defending justice and the rule of law in all that you do.

As you make your mark in the world, stay in touch, stay involved, visit often, and let us hear from you.  We wish you well and congratulations.

BFV in the News, | May 11, 2022