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Featured in Daily Report Online, “Over It: Fulton Jury Finds for ATL R&B Label LVRN in Suit Seeking Share of Company, Profits”

We recently had the opportunity to try a business divorce case before a jury. Jury trials in business dispute cases are relatively rare; most cases settle, get arbitrated or are heard by a judge. However, this case was unique in many ways. The stakes were high, the subject matter was fascinating and the jurors, judge, lawyers and witnesses wore masks throughout. Both the Daily Report and Rolling Stone magazine penned articles about the trial.

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5 Important Unfair Competition & Noncompete Updates that Every Employer or Business Owner Should Know

Customer relationships. Employee relationships. And confidential and trade secret information. These assets can be valuable to many companies.
At Berman Fink Van Horn, we want to ensure that you are aware of significant developments in noncompete and unfair competition law that are occurring across the nation, including Georgia, and at the federal level. These developments may impact your ability to protect these assets.
In this Alert, we bring you five important unfair competition and noncompete updates, including our thoughts on how these developments may impact your business. 

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