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Employment & Restrictive Covenants in GA

The Restrictive Covenants Act was signed into law May 2011. Yet, it wasn’t until 2018 that the appellate courts in Georgia finally issued some opinions addressing the statute. On March 14th, Benjamin Fink will discuss how the statute is being…

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Hands-Free Georgia Act Effective July 1: What Should Employers Do Now?

With the passage of the Act, employers may be exposed to liability if an employee is involved in an accident while using a cell phone in the course of business. Even employers that do not provide company cars or employee drivers may be exposed to liability if an employee uses a phone for company business while driving. What should employers do now?

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Protecting your Company’s Competitive Edge

You might not think about non-competes, employee and customer non-solicits or trade secrets and confidential information very often. But we do. They are core to your business and help maintain your competitive edge. And we’re proud to play a key…

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