Business Alerts

COVID-19: Important Updates to Navigate the Business Impact

Dear Friends of BFV:
With the incredible speed that this situation is evolving, we feel it is important to share with you timely information for you and your business. In particular, we’ve prepared an FAQ to address:
Important COVID-19 legal developments and resources.
We have also prepared other timely updates and primers to address:
Georgia unemployment requirements and changes;
The basic differences between furloughs, layoffs and reductions-in-force; and
an explanation of the paid sick leave Act.

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Helpful Business News for the New Year (Winter 2020)

We’ve released our Winter 2020 E-News, which features: DOL’s Final Federal Overtime Rule; Employer Alert: Non-Competes are Under Attack in Certain States; How to Avoid Deadlock in a 50/50 Partnership; What do you do if you receive a DOL Wage and Liability Inquiry Form?; and
GDPR – What are the Model Contract Clauses?

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