Georgia Business Disputes

Posted by William J. Piercy on

Welcome to Georgia Business Disputes. The purpose of this blog is to facilitate an understanding of the legal and practical implications of terminating business relationships that have become unproductive, adversarial, or which have otherwise outlived their usefulness.

Terminating a business relationship with a partner or affiliate while simultaneously maintaining existing client relationships and paying vendors can be enough to fray the nerves of the most seasoned entreprenuer.  We have successfully represented clients in literally thousands of Georgia business disputes over the years.  Along the way, we have gained insight into how to do so in the most advantageous and cost effective manner for our clients. Through the summaries of business related lawsuits that wind their way through Georgia’s Courts and posts on business dispute resolution related topics, this blog seeks to educate Georgia’s businesses and entrepreneurs with the goal of avoiding business disputes when possible, and bringing them to resolution efficiently and effectively as possible when they do arise.

We hope that you will find the information contained in this website useful.  We would also welcome the opportunity to hear from you.  If you have a question about the legal or practical aspects of business dispute resolution in Georgia, or a suggestion, please let us know.