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Enjoying the Social Distance from a Business Partner?Maybe it’s a Sign

Do you have a business partner? Then perhaps this meme resonates. Among the many ‘keep your chin up’ memes floating around the internet as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis is one featuring a quote from Dave Hollis, business coach and author of Get Out of Your Own Way that says:

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

It’s good advice. Hopefully, you and your business partners are working together productively to weather this storm. But for some of you, today’s challenging business climate may well be bringing to the fore, differences between you and a partner in management style, philosophy, and perhaps work ethic. 

Change is coming to your business and business plan, whether you want it or not. It is worth using this time to ask yourself whether you want to navigate these changes with your current business partners, or whether it makes sense to consider an alternative path. 

Business Partner Resources
If you’ve read this far, perhaps this post struck a nerve. Below are links to additional resources that may help you consider your future with or without your current business partners or even if the time comes to find a business partner.

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Still have questions? Please reach out. I’m happy to talk. 

BFV Perspectives, BFV Videos, Corporate Matters, Covid-19 Updates, Georgia Business Disputes, | Apr 14, 2020
William J. Piercy
William J. Piercy

Healthy business relationships are an essential component of business success.  When disputes cause business relationships to sour, declining productivity and revenues are sure to follow.  Bill works with business owners to bring successful and efficient resolution to a wide variety.