BFV Videos, | Jun 10, 2022

Culture is Real: Why Shape your Company Culture?

A company’s culture has a significant impact on productivity, profitability and ultimately, the bottom line. Today, the stakes are higher than ever to engage with employees, from executives to the front lines. What is your company culture? And why should you have one?

In this timely business discussion, Dr. Donte Vaughn, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner at CultureWorx, provides practical tips on how you can think about this critical enabler of success and focus on the skills and behaviors that drive performance, accountability and meaningful experiences. Dr. Vaughn, an expert in organizational leadership, workforce management and company culture, is co-author of “From Culture to Culture.” Hosted by Berman Fink Van Horn’s Lea Dearing, this video highlights practical methods that you can use to operationalize company culture and increase employee engagement.

Watch this video to gain insights into how your company culture can drive operational performance and the company’s bottom line.

BFV Videos, | Jun 10, 2022