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The Failure to Document Investment Dooms Venture

Gardner v. Marcum, 292 Ga. App. 369 (2008).  Seeking funding to record and promote their music, musicians Gardner and Steele entered into discussions toward the possible investment of $150,000 from Marcum.  Although the details of the transaction were never finalized,…

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When is a Deal a Deal?

Goobich v. Waters, 283 Ga. App. 53 (2006).  The Waters entered into negotiations to sell their nursery business to Goobich.  After protracted negotiations, the parties both signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) under which Goobich was to buy the business…

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Agreements to Agree are Unenforceable

Business disputes often arise because amiable parties agree on a few matters, but leave an essential element of their deal to future negotiations by simply agreeing to agree on (often seminal issues) at a future date.  While this may smooth…

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Be Careful What You Ask For

Ervin v. Turner, 291 Ga. App. 719 (2008).  In this case, a group of investors came together and formed a limited liability company, Local MG, LLC (the “LLC”) for the purpose of raising sufficient funds to operate a bank to…

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